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The English County Snooker League

Report by Dave Webster and Alan Edmonds.

The English County Snooker League entered its second year and for the first time, thanks to the sponsorship of the Ray Edmonds Snooker Centre, Grimsby has a team in the competition. The first match for our local team was a home game at the Edmonds Club against Shropshire and West Midlands, and not knowing the strength of the opposition, Grimsby were fairly pleased to come out of it with a victory.

The format consists of eight players from each team coming together to play a total of 64 frames.

The first eight frames finished four-all as Nige Emmerson, Paul Clark, Jamie Green and Gary Challis came out on top for Grimsby, whilst the winners for the visitors were Mike Dubicki, Jack Harris, Mike Dorey and Robbie James. The highlight of this first session was a tremendous break of 110 from Gary Challis.

The next eight frames saw Grimsby edge ahead 9-7 as Alan Edmonds, Nige Emmerson, Gary Challis (58), Sam Ward (99) and Jamie Green (68) all won for the home team. Winning a frame each for Shropshire were Rob Dubicki, Jack Harris and Dan Ward.

Session number three saw Grimsby maintain their two-frame lead as Nige Emmerson, Gary Challis (82), Sam Ward and Jamie Green (56) all won in fine style, and for the visitors, Rob James, Mike Dubicki, Rob Dubicki and Mike Dorey did their bit.

The last session before the interval enabled Grimsby to move further ahead when Nige Emmerson, Graham Challis, Sam Ward, Gary Challis (65) and Jamie Green (62) all won, whilst for the visitors, it was Paul Lloyd, Steve Barton and Jack Harris who were the victors.

The match score at this stage was Grimsby 18, Shropshire 14.

On the resumption, another four-all came when Gary Challis, Nige Emmerson (52), Paul Clark and Graham Challis all won for Grimsby, and Dan Ward, Rob James, Jack Harris and Mike Dorey did likewise for the visitors. The star man in this round of matches was Gary Challis, who made his second century of the day when on for a maximum, he unfortunately missed the fourteenth black on 105.

Session number six saw another drawn encounter as Alan Edmonds, Mick Ponsonby, Gary Challis (63) and Jamie Green won for the hosts in reply to frame wins from Dan Ward, Rob James, and Mike and Rob Dubicki.

The penultimate eight frames turned out to be crucial for Grimsby as they took the session 5-3 to give them a healthy advantage going in to the last round of matches. Alan Edmonds, Nige Emmerson, Graham Challis (57), Paul Clark (90) and Jamie Green turned on the style. The winners for Shropshire were Dan Ward (65), Rob James and Mike Dubicki (59).

Going into the eighth and final session, the hosts led 31-25, needing only two frames to guarantee victory in their first venture in this Nationwide tournament. However, they wrapped things up superbly when Mick Ponsonby, Graham Challis (57), Sam Ward (63), Jamie Green, and Gary Challis all did the business in a 5-3 outcome. Scoring for the opposition were Rob Dubicki, Jack Harris and Rob James.

The overall final score was 36-28 to Grimsby after a very enjoyable day of snooker.

The next match for our local lads sees them travel to Norwich, in November, where a strong Norfolk team awaits.